Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Locating social media... A stalkers dream

Locating social media

In today’s internet –crazed world one thing is clear, privacy is little. What does this mean? It’s only natural for location based social media to thrive and flourish. Users of sites such as Foursquare and Facebook's now have location options that allow users to share their whereabouts and swap information and happenings in their area. All done by a simple click. I know this because often times I go to dinner with my sorority sisters and within minutes if parking Im "checked in" to the resturant as well as my 20 sisters. Great Idea?!? If you ask me it’s so scary to think that thousands of my friends, which some I am not sure I even know, can know my whereabouts whether I want them to or not.

 A new mobile app that is sweeping the nation is TagWhat. Tagwart is an application that allows users to upload mobile photos of landmarks around their location, adding personal comments to the image. Types Commentary can vary but usually include personal stories, random facts, historical information, deals, tips, anything others may find interesting.
Maps meet scrapbooking meets Facebook meets Groupon in TagWhat. WHAT A COMBO.The potential to share deals and helpful information based on your location could reshape social media. The application surly does have a ways to go, but it's of potential is hard to comprehend. I bet those psychos on that coupon show are filled with joy.

Natalie Giddings, a well known blogger addresses the offers TagWhat provides in comparison to other social media sites by saying,

  "What differentiates TagWhat from Foursquare (and what makes it more like Facebook), is the fact that it eschews the formers' game mechanics and focuses on the user interaction and community building aspects of the latter. The basic use of TagWhat is that it lets users turn a view of any location into an engrossing, educational experience, as users provide interesting stories and entertaining information about every single thing that can be captured by your camera - think a diner and its history is interesting enough? I Love this examples they give on their website. Try to point the device at the tables, perhaps a user has tagged the exact table where a famous actor used to sit during his lunch breaks. TagWhat makes the world more interesting."

Youre right Natalie.. Thanks for letting me know that TagWhat does make the world more interesting... (Or not)

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A personal note- If you ask me if can be quite creepy and dangerous to think of these types of applications getting into the wrong hands. (These apps could be a kidnapper or pedophiles dream.)  Sometimes I fear for my future children.


  1. This is an interesting way to look at location-based apps!! Great job :)

  2. Thanks Tara for the post! This is a great reminder that we need to be careful on what we put on social!