Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Traditional views and Social Media



                           Traditional views and Social Media

Traditional media outlets seem to be strung out across a range of emotion towards social media. Our traditional friends may want to thumb through an AA 12-steps-to-acceptance pamphlet next time they go to CVS, because social media is here to stay.
one: Admit we are powerless over the rise of social media- our professional fields have changed
two: Power greater that ourselves lies within social media, that can be harnessed for good
three: Stop turning a blind eye social media, and come to terms with the changing times of all media outlets.
four: Make a searching and fearless inventory of social media sites and their potential as it pertains to us.
five: Admit to ourselves and our professional counterparts our previous wrong in verbalizing scathing and offensive thoughts towards social media in a vain effort to change the unchangeable.
six: Ready ourselves to take the plunge into mixing tradition with the abyss of social media
seven: Humbly remove all bitter emotions and prejudgment towards online networking
eight: list all opportunities we have lost in our stupor of close-mindedness
nine: make efforts to uptake all opportunities that were lost do to reasons described on the previous step.
ten: continue to make steps to remove the bitterness and hostility that has inevitably cemented up into a wall of disdain towards social media and its users
eleven: sought through research and trail to improve our outreach through understanding social media. We understand this will give us power to carry our messages to the masses
twelve: Having been awakened from our slumber of ill-mindedness, we try to carry our message of glad tidings to all media experts who are hiding from the truth.
Now that we've excepted that the rise of social media has finally caught up with traditional views of marketing and business; we can move past of fragile, scared state and be welcomed into the world of media relations.
Clearly,  now more than ever, social media is working to redefine business and politics. In Liberal Democrats' View: It Was Traditional Media That Did It by Mark Pack, liberal representative's social media sites were monitored during a British political debate. After the debate finished, the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg's Facebook following had risen percent, while his
Twitter following rose 23 percent.
This information gave voice to the face that social media is not just for twenty-something’s posting pictures of themselves in the mirror anymore. Social Media is a real time representation of what is happening in our world. Twitter has supplied an opportunity for politicians to communicate their position with a mass audience.


  1. Great! I like your tips and how you phrase them. But i didn't see any of the websites you looked at.. maybe add those?

  2. I like this post but I think it is important to note the benefits of traditional media and why it is still around.

  3. I feel like I am a torn. I love my morning newspaper and/or my magazine because its physically available for me to touch instead of squinting at a computer screen! But I agree that its starting to fizzle out. Great post, Tara!