Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Big 7

One-hundred and forty characters and a user base of 200 million can make you famous, this website goes by the name of Twitter . Nearly every business has taken to twitter as its means of communicating with their public. The days of privacy and silence have come and gone and the user-friendly welcome wagon bearing tweets and information as well as freebies has strolled in.

Twitter has proven itself to be a force to reckon with. TechCrunch recently reported that there are now 200 million tweets a day,  65 million this day year ago. What does this mean? Companies as well as individuals are expected to communicate through twitter relentlessly just to keep up.

13 Mind-Bending Social Media Marketing Statistics by Kipp Bodnar gives scary  statistics on just how quickly social media is becoming mainstream communication.

To be completely honest the majority of information being sent into cyber- everywhere is noise and useless information. Sorry freshmen girl, who randomly is following me, but I could care less how many times your crush said “Hi” to you.  

 Maybe I Should Shut Up: How to be Heard on Twitter by Andi Putra at

This article states the basic Twitter etiquette  one should follow to obtain loyal followers and less unfollowings. Unfollowing typically happens due to rubbish being thrown from your account, that no one cares about. Here are some tips-Be kind, recycle, have something of importance to say. (They call those tips? )

What did I learn that’s most valuable? To truly make it in social media today, you need something to say as well as something that you audience would want to actually hear.

Twitter has given us the opportunity to build a relationship with one and other while allowing us to share our common interests. Through using twitter as a networking tool we can build our reputations and provide chances for success. However negative relationships can burn bridges and take awau opportunities.

Tweet Wisely : )


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  1. Tweet wisely! :) I love that! Great post, very important!