Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogging business

In an article published in 2005 Bloomberg Businessweek , Stephen Baker and Heather Green address a new  social media outlet that was quickly taking over the internet: Blogging. This article addressed the potential that blogs could have when it came to the opportunity for a consumer to write about what they thought about you, the product you are selling, your business, your brand, and anything else they would like. In 2005 when "Facebook was still an Ivy League sensation" and Twittering was an “activity dominated by small birds”, this article addressed a topic that had yet to be put on the social media map, blogging. This was, of course, back in the day before everyone and their mom blogged about every aspect of their life. (Hard to believe, I know.)   The writers quickly realized that this communication outlet was a foreshadow of great things to come. With over 40,000 new blogs being published daily adding to the already 9 billion blogs out there Blogs continue to be a force to recon with.   Business week used an online article to target white collar Americans that blogs and online forums are  something to utilized and appreciated, and not ignored. (Whew, glad white collar Americans got the memo. I lost sleep over it.) The article addresses the gossip-y, scandal train stigma that came along blogging and online messaging. The overwhelming majority of the information the world spews out every day is digital—photos from camera phones, PowerPoint presentations, government filings, billions and billions of e-mails, even digital phone messages. With a couple of clicks, every one of these items can be broadcast into the blogosphere by anyone with an Internet hookup—or even a cell phone. If it's scandalous, a poisonous e-mail from a CEO, for example, or torture pictures from a prison camp, others link to it in a flash. And here's the killer: Blog posts linger on the Web forever. HOWEVER…. Ideas circulate as fast as scandal. Potential customers are out there, sniffing around for deals and partners. While you may be putting it off, you can bet that your competitors are exploring ways to harvest new ideas from blogs, sprinkle ads into them, and yes, find out what you and other competitors are up to. Something unexpected happened in 2005 that pertained tot his article. Bloggers had linked this article which then created traffic from business men to blogs and vice versa. It then became somewhat of a middle ground between the tech and blog savvy and the “white collar” CEO’s. Read the UPDATED article at


  1. I'm amazed at the amount of new blogs that are published every day! When you think about it though I've got 3 blogs I use for various activities. Great post!

  2. Its insane to even begin to think of how many blogs are out there! Great post!

  3. Great Post. Ya, there are so many blogs out there, I wonder what the actual number are, and how many it increases by each day. Crazy... blogging is getting so popular! thanks for your insights. :)