Saturday, January 14, 2012


Skype Glitches

Recent research that was conducted by the Polytechnic Institute of New York University have found some major glitches in Skypes privacy settings. What does that exactly mean? Is means that these glitches could expose half-billion Skypers location and movements  world wide. Scary Huh?

By making partial calls (to any Skype user) hackers are able to steal IP address where they are able to gain access to all personal files, downloads, movements and physical address.

The concern with this particular glitch is more dangerous than most computer hackings, because ANY person can gain access to any Skype user. The hacker does not have to be in full contact with the victim considering they can gain all the information they need through partial calls. Many users never know the call was ever received. It makes me wonder if any of my friends have been hacked and they don’t know it!

A researcher by the name of Keith Ross points out the potential risks of terrorist groups using this glitch to their advantage to gain knowledge about government officials, or employees of target organizations.

Karen A. Frenkel a well known blogger quotes Skype’s Chief Information Security Officer, saying: "We value the privacy of our users and are committed to making our products as secure as possible. Just as with typical internet communications software, Skype users who are connected may be able to determine each other’s IP address. Through research and development, we will continue to make advances in this area and improvements to our software."

His statement makes me very confident using Skype…  NOT.

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